Welcome to our line of biological healing balms for eczema rashes and the rescue of dry skin.

Our skin balms/creams are powered by a naturally occurring immune serum with skin regeneration properties validated by scientists enrolled by The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York which hosts one of the most prestigious dermatology services in the world.

Our main ingredient performs as an immune serum that supports the innate immune system and also strengthens the skin by triggering fibroblast multiplication. The main active ingredient also has antimicrobial properties. This is of paramount importance because the manifestation of eczema, or “atopic dermatitis”, results from a complex interaction of environmental triggers, skin barrier defects and immunological phenomena.

What is Eczema?

“Eczema” (Greek for, “to boil over”) is the jargon term used by doctors to refer to a rash. And a rash by any other name is still a rash. The terms “eczema” or “dermatitis” are very broad and can mean a whole family of skin conditions, ranging from dandruff, to contact dermatitis to atopic dermatitis. This can lead to many a confused client and skin care professional.

dermatitis and eczema reactions to allergens

Allergens are taken up by dendritic cells and presented to T cells. In the absence of childhood microbial exposure, the balance between T helper 1 (TH1) and TH2 cells is altered. TH2 cells encourage the production of immunoglobulin E (IgE) by B cells. Allergen-specific IgE then binds to the high-affinity receptor for IgE (FcepsilonRI) on mast cells. Allergen exposure induces crosslinking of receptor-bound IgE with subsequent mast-cell degranulation and the release of pro-inflammatory molecules. IL, interleukin; TCR, T-cell receptor.

Source: www.nature.com/nri/journal/v4/n12/fig_tab/nri1500_F1.html

In dermatology and skin care, the word “eczema” typically refers to atopic dermatitis (AD), a chronic inflammatory skin disease.

When we say “inflammatory skin disease” we mean a chronic state of inflammation or in other words we refer to the fact that your immune system is reacting to “something” it deems it is a threat to your integrity and causes redness, swelling, pain, heat and loss of function in an epidermis or outer layer of the skin that is already debilitated and incapable of preventing water loss and thus dry; and unable to impede the entry of allergens, irritants and infectious organisms.

Who gets eczema?

Eczema normally happens in children and kids, although it could happen at any moment of life. About one in seven children will acquire the problem – the initial indicators generally begin at nine to twelve months of age, although often it could start as early as four months.

Eczema usually starts on the face, followed by the hands and then feet. Older children have the tendency to be impacted in the elbow and also knee folds, neck, wrists, ankles and then feet. The hands as well as feet tend to be the most frequently affected locations in adults. Atopic dermatitis, or eczema, is not an infectious condition.

If eczema shows up in the very first year of life there is a 50 % possibility it will not be a problem by the age of 5. Even if it continues right into school age only one in twenty will still have difficulties in grown-up life. Nonetheless, there are no set rules and each case is different.

Research & Facts

“Eczema or Atopic dermatitis is a frequent chronic inflammatory skin disease which is often complicated by recurrent microbial superinfections. Genetically based modifications which might have an impact on the innate immune system, such as impairment of the skin barrier, modifications of pattern recognition receptors, deficiency of antimicrobial peptides, antiviral natural killer cells and plasmacytoid dendritic cells, facilitate the entry of allergens and infectious microbes into the skin, where they encounter immunocompetent cells.

The micromilieu in the skin of Eczema patients further potentiates dysfunctions of the innate immune system, leading to a vicious circle promoting the disease.”

Source: The Journal of Innate Immunity – 2011 Jan 21. Modifications of the innate immune system in atopic dermatitis. Maintz L, Novak N. of the Department of Dermatology and Allergy, University of Bonn, Bonn, Germany.


A child who has eczema makes extra amounts of a certain type of antibody (IgE).  This tendency is genetically inherited but, even so, some children who have the genetic disposition towards eczema may never suffer from the condition.

Certain substances or conditions called trigger factors can cause eczema to flare. These trigger factors can be:

  • Irritants such as wool, skin infections, dry skin, low humidity, heat, sweating or emotional stress.
  • Allergens such as dust mites, pollen, moulds or foods.

Consultation with your doctor may be helpful in identifying the triggers.

An infant with eczema is more likely to be allergic to food than other children are. There is at least a 40 to 50 per cent chance that food allergies may be triggers if your child has moderate to severe eczema. The foods responsible for 90 per cent of these reactions are egg, peanut, milk, soy, wheat, fish, nuts and shellfish. Salicylates and some preservatives can also trigger eczema.

Fifty per cent of children who make extra amounts of the antibody are more prone to suffer from asthma and hayfever.  Also, children who have eczema often have an allergic reaction against environmental particles.  These particles include pollen, dust, animal hair and skin cells, fungus spores and mites.

Atopic Eczema is most common in infants and is outgrown by the time people reach adulthood. Eczema is often hereditary and runs through families. Stress, dry skin, colds and flu are all factors that can make outbreaks worse. Although eczema is chronic, you can control it with treatment.

Studies have shown infants that are breast fed are less likely to get eczema.

Keeping skin well moisturized can help prevent outbreaks.

Inflammation results in abnormal skin cell differentiation. During differentiation, keratinocytes move from the basal cell layer of the epidermis through the granular layer to a group of flattened dead cells in the stratum corneum (the outer layer). This process of epidermal differentiation, or keratinization, involves a variety of proteins responsible for different functions at each stage.

One of these proteins, filaggrin, plays a major role in epidermal homeostasis; it has two main functions. First, it stacks the keratin filaments into dense bundles, allowing for easy desquamation or normal exfoliation.

Imagine how much easier it is to move flattened boxes than propped-open boxes. It is then converted into the skin’s natural moisturizing factor (NMF) along with other byproducts.

So if filaggrin does not work very well, it can have adverse effects, not only on the process of epidermal differentiation, but also on the skin’s natural moisture levels and protective lipid barrier. This seems to be the biological basis of dry skin.

In the past five years, researchers have established the link between filaggrin mutations and developing ichthyosis vulgaris, atopic eczema and, most recently, peanut allergies.

Ichthyosis is another skin disease characterized by very dry skin. The word itself is Greek for “fish,” suggesting the scaly nature of the lesions. Indeed, scientists are getting closer to understanding the genetic connection between allergic diseases, bringing hope for a future therapy not only for eczema clients, but also for those with allergies and ichthyosis.

atopic dermatitis image by health.rush.edu

A Natural Solution That has Been Before our Eyes, Unnoticed

In the meantime a natural solution that the industry is not much interested in because it is a naturally occurring immune serum that cannot be patented, although it has the attention of the academic community because of the evidence already accumulated about its capabilities, can bring a much desired change in the lives of people who suffer from skin dryness and inflammation.

So, if you live badly affected by skin irritations and thus unable to carry out normal day to day tasks or if your confidence is shattered due to the look of your skin; or if you are desperate for softer, smoother, healthier, more radiant skin… read on and be ready to be pleasantly surprised.

Here we share with you the discovery of this natural immune serum with skin regeneration properties that restores balance and strength to both the outermost layer of the epidermis AND to the dermis (cutis).

Click here for the 2012 scientific research published by the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York: “A secretion of the mollusc Cryptomphalus aspersa (SCA) promotes proliferation, migration and survival of keratinocytes and dermal fibroblasts in vitro”.

Skin Regeneration Properties of Mollusk Secretion – 2008. Published by The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center of New York.

A natural skin care product for eczema treatment

Our products are formulated with the unique immune serum AND botanic and other natural ingredients that act in synergy with the serum to strengthen fragile skin so that you may avoid and leave behind Eczema Rashes, Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Itchy, Sensitive and Dry Skin.

The natural immune serum also helps to orchestrate the regular process or cycle of skin renewal and healthy skin regeneration.

And also strengthens the skin and makes it less prone to contact dermatitis and irritant dermatitis when used for a period of time on fragile and sensitive skin.

Many happy BIOSKINBALM users are familiar with that desperate feeling of agonizing over relentless skin conditions. Thousands of people just like you have written to us telling us how dry skin is no longer what they have to bear with, marks are fading, redness is something of the past, breakouts have diminished to nothing and skin texture is improving with the regular use of BIOSKINBALM, as you may read below.

Our customers also attribute BIOSKINBALM the ability to help from babies to Centenarians in the treatment and control of almost all skin related ailments and injuries.

Contact Dermatitis Type of Eczema

I have suffered from contact-dermatitis around and above my finger cuticles. For years they have remained red and I have had these painful cracks in my skin that wouldn’t heal. I wore bandages on all my fingers. But the bandages got wet and then the cracks didn’t heal. Now I use the BIOSKINBALM on my hands several times a day and don’t have redness or any cracks!

Katty Glyn. NE, USA.


I have been using the BIOSKINBALM for my psoriasis for about a year now and cannot say enough good things about it. It instantly stops the itching and your skin feels so much better.

Nancy Reiss. DE, USA.

Rosacea & Cystic Acne

I have Rosacea, and I used to control it just by using an Alpha Hydroxy wash. The problem is that if I ever go on vacation without the wash or something, and get a flair up, I have a lot of trouble getting it down. Also, I think my rosacea may have gotten worse over time. Anyway, I had cystic acne on my cheeks that had been more or less consistent for months, as well as nasty little nose spots. Once I started using the rosacea cream, it got much better. In fact, I can notice a difference just overnight if the problem is surface irritation and not well below the surface. For instance, I have one cyst now, and it hurts, but if it ever gets to the surface, I am sure the cream will help me. I was pretty skeptical, and my friends make fun of my paying a lot for snail slime, but it seems to work well for me.

Tracy Larrabee, California.

Seen my skin become softer and more suple and hydrated

I’ve been using BIOSKINBALM for months now and I LOVE it!! I have seen my skin become softer and more supple and hydrated, which it hasn’t been since I was a teenager! I have gotten amazing results as far as blemishes go. My skin is more clear and I really only get breakouts during my ‘time-of-the-month’ and even then it is very minor. I’m so thankful to have a product to keep my skin looking good that isn’t filled with chemicals. Don’t ever stop making this product!

Sara Wood, WA, USA.

Nappy Rashes and Eczema

My 5 month old daughter suffers from recurrent nappy rashes and eczema. The BIOSKINBALM was effective immediately and has cleared up marks caused by the eczema. I have reduced the use of cortisone based creams which were causing other problems.

Elena Protyasky. ON, Canada.

Relief for Eczema Without Chemicals

I’m so glad I finally found a product that I do not have to cringe when I use it. My hands have always been rough from working but I am reluctant to use standard hand creams packed with chemicals. It is a gret relief to know something natural can be made for us suffering from eczema. Now I can indulge in vanity and be healthy! I definitely recommend this product, Thanks very much. Cheers.

Mary Helen B., London, UK.

Rosacea & Spider Veins

I have clear skin for the first time since before I was a teenager. I’m now 41. Hardly any wrinkles at all, everyone asks what my secret is. It works great for the rosacea, keeps the redness down and seems to help the spider veins. This product keeps it’s word. I will advise my sister to try it.

D. Lewis. AL, USA.


I have been treated for keloids on my chest for over 25 years with no success. I have two keloids that have growned from the size of a pimple to over three and five inches long. In fact they look like large fingers setting on my chest. A second keloid is one inch. I am on my second bottle of your product and very pleased. The one inch keloid has disappeared. The other two no longer itch, and I have peeled away several layers of dead skin. I only wish that I took before and after pictures. The change is very dramatic.

Frank McBride. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Keloids & Folliculitis

The back of my scalp has be overrun by keloids and folliculitis. I have been seeing a doctor and treating this condition for about 5 years with very minimal results. I have been using this product for about 2 months and close to 60% of the keloids are gone or noticably smaller. The Folliculitis also seems to be healing. Thanks for a product that does what it says it will do.

Jack D Willm. Wyoming, USA.

Acne Scars

I have been using the balm for less than a month now and my acne scars are dramatically improving. It is also keeping my face clear consistently. I am going to keep using this product for ever. Thank you so much.

Paul C., Tucson AZ. US.

Treatment for Rosacea

Thought I would let you know that after using BIOSKINBALM for two months the rhinophyma (acne rosacea) on my nose is now impossible to see but I can still feel a bit of it. My nose now looks like it did before I got the first rhinophyma in 1999. What is more my brother reports from New Zealand that after only two weeks his nose, which is much worse than mine, has lost much of its redness and this is only after two weeks use. I have been using the product for two months. The acne scars on my forehead have reduced dramatically and can now be concealed with only the Jane Iredale mineral powder. No longer need the camouflage cream. I put a mention of this on the Femail board yesterday because that is where I discovered your product. I will also drop a line to my dermatologist.

Dorothea Glover. England.

Post Surgery Keloid Scars

I had an upper right pulmonary lobectomy on 9/10/01 ; and, subsequently developed four small (1/2′ or less) and one large (4′) keloids on the chest wall on the right side of my rib cage and another small (1/2′) one on my back. In about a year they became prominent keloids. Being African American and no stranger to keloids I took it in stride (conventional medical wisdom is that nothing can be done). But when they became painful; despite my being a fitness enthusiast and working out every day. Your cream has significantly reduced all of them, especially the larger one.

David Starks. New York.

Scars Disappearing

Scars are slowly disappearing, and no new growth in their place. I guess the operative term is, ‘SLOWLY'; but then that can probably be attributed to our modern desire for the instant fix. And, being that I was repeatedly told by ‘medical authorities’ that nothing could be done and that I just had to live with it, I really can’t complain. I wonder if the healing has really slowed down (my perception) or if it’s just impatience. Really appreciate the absence of pain and sensitivity in the area as the healing progresses. (I purchased the cream for surgical keloid scars).

David Starks. NY, USA

Scar Tissue

I know that BIOSKINBALM helps me. The front of my nose is all scar tissue; and BIOSKINBALM has faded the scar to the point that it is just a shadow now. I met a new girl the other night because now I can go out without worry. God Bless your little snails…

Adam B. California, USA.

Keratosis Pilaris

I am really enjoying BIOSKINBALM, it has been helping my keratosis pilaris a lot, and helping to reduce the scars it has left. Thanks.

Kristine Robinson. UT, USA.

What makes BIOSKINBALM customers rave about it?

BIOSKINBALM includes a NATURAL BIOLOGICAL IMMUNE SERUM that dissolves damaged and abnormal tissues, triggers skin regeneration is a powerful antioxidant and includes and induces the proliferation on the skin of antimicrobial peptides that keep skin infection away.

It is also formulated with ROSEHIP OIL, a natural source of both trans retinoic acid (Vitamin A) and essential fatty acids that act in synergy with HYALURONIC ACID a deep moisturizer to rescue, repair and restore sensitive, dry, irritated skin back to health and vitality.

Atopic Dermatitis Or Eczema Overview
atopic dermatitis image by health.rush.edu
The product is a much needed safe and gentle dry skin staple and alternative to the nasty cortisone & steroid ingredients found in most pharmaceutical eczema and psoriasis medications.

These steroid-based treatments often come with their own set of nasty side effects (click to find out more about topical steroids side effects and cancer risks of prescription eczema creams).

However BIOSKINBALM is totally natural and helps your skin to do the healing itself.

It is also an alternative to synthetic, chemical laden products on offer and does not contain any of the toxic, irritant, chemical ingredients commonly found in mainstream skin ‘care’ and even in specialty ‘health’ skin products.

Nature’s genius: The success of nature is based upon all things being in balance

BIOSKINBALM is not a chemical, drug or medication

The complete ingredient list is:

● (1) Water;
● (2) Rose Hip Seed Oil;
● (3) Helix Aspersa Müller Glycoconjugates, the richest biological ingredient known for healthy skin, produced by a living being to function as a biological antimicrobial, an inflammatory-moderator, an antioxidant, a moisturizer & a stimulator of scarless healing & skin rejuvenation;
● (4) Olive Oil emulsifier, surfactant, and squalene by-products that replenish the lipid content of the skin blocking the penetration of allergens and contaminants and working as antioxidants;
● (5) Seaweed Extract, a rich supply of oligoelements that are needed for cellular development,
● (6) Hyaluronic Acid moisturizer a naturally occuring skin element capable of holding more water than any other known hydrator;
● (7) Chamomile for inflammatory skin conditions. It is wonderful for sensitive skin, and helpful in dermatitis;
● (8) Pentavitin™, Saccharide Isomerate, a carbohydrate complex similar to that present in the stratum corneum of the skin that holds water by strongly binding water to keratin;

● (9) A preservative made only with the following botanical extracts in minute quantities: Origanum Vulgare (Oregano) Leaf Extract (and) Thymus Vulgaris (Thyme) Extract (and) Cinnamomum Zeylanicum (Cinnamon) Bark Extract (and) Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract (and) Lavandula Augustifolia (Lavender) Flower Extract (and) Citrus Medica Limonum (Lemon) Peel Extract (and) Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Leaf Extract (and) Hydrastis Canadensis (Golden Seal) Root Extract (and) Olea Europaea (Olive) Leaf Extract; and nothing else.

bioskinbalm for dry skin, dermatitis treatment, eczema treatment, rosacea treatment, very dry skin, skin irritations


BIOSKINBALM is a 100% natural, nourishing and healing, super soothing, hydrating, biological skin treatment balm. Designed to leave skin feeling calmed, balanced, deeply hydrated and velvety soft. For dry skin, rosacea treatment, and for the relief of eczema flare ups, dermatitis treatment, psoriasis scales, very dry skin, skin irritations…

You can order most of our 15 different products from Amazon.com and any and all from Biocutis.com.

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Biocutis at Amazon.com Biocutis healing natural skin care products
The Unique Immune Serum That Heals And Makes A Difference

Helix Aspersa Müller glycoconjugates is an immune serum for the skin secreted from within the innate immune cells of snails of the species Helix Aspersa Müller. It is designed to shield its fragile exposed skin from the sun’s rays, and to keep its skin moist and hydrated.

This restorative fluid not only protects the snail’s skin from harm, it actually helps the snail regenerate its own shell if it is ever crushed or broken, and even more: also repairs and restores the functional capacity of its tentacles, eyes and mouth if bitten by birds.

The secretion also has antimicrobial properties to help protect the snail from bacteria and virus. As a result, snails never suffer from skin infections – can you imagine?

The glycoconjugates restore healthy skin, safely and naturally!

Due to the remarkable similarities in the structure of human and snail skin, snail serum is 100% compatible with human skin.

That means no allergic reactions, no burning, no redness – BIOSKINBALM is completely safe to use, even on a newborn baby. This compatibility also means that the benefits the snail receives from its own serum can now be experienced by YOU.

BIOSKINBALM Helps Skin Withstand the Diverse Stresses of Today

Increases the skin’s resistance to adverse influences not by a specific action but by a wide range of biochemical factors by including an organic immune serum, that scientific breakdown has discovered it is packed with enzymes, proteins, peptides, co-enzymes, trace elements (Copper, Zinc, Iron & Calcium) and complex sulfated acidic glyco (sugar) molecules, which act in synergy with the other natural ingredients incorporated in the balm to:

● normalize dilation of capillaries that otherwise cause red blotches on the skin
● stimulate an orderly release of fibrin which protects the fragile inner walls of the blood vessels and promotes unhindered blood flow
● promote the formation of new healthy capillaries
● induce the production of antimicrobial peptides on skin to destroy parasites, microbes, fungi and virus, without creating any bacterial resistance
● enhances inter and intracellular communication thus regulating the orchestrated renewal, turnover and regeneration of all the structural components of healthy skin
● regulate connective tissue breakdown by inhibiting or regulating enzymes
● moderate skin inflammation through antioxidants and enzymatic dissolution of damaged proteins thereby supporting the immune system
● trigger the regeneration of skin cells and the repair of injuries without aberrant scars
● safely support your body’s innate ability to heal itself
● intensively moisturize and naturally hydrate the skin from within by retaining water and enhancing the ability of your body to produce the water holding molecules in the skin matrix, the glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycans that give skin elasticity, strength, resilience and the capacity to withstand pressure and over-stretching

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid is contained naturally in the snail serum but we add an additional quantity to our BIOSKINBALM formulation for its capacity to hold 1000 times its weight in water and thus deeply enhance the moisturizing effects of the balm.

Rosehip Seed Oil

The balm is made with Rosehip oil, which contains high levels of essential fatty acids: oleic, linoleic, and linolenic. Those help maintain healthy skin, act as anti-inflammatory and nourish the skin with lipids that are necessary to fortify the outer skin barrier and protect the body from the penetration of allergens and toxins. Linoleic and Linoleic acids increase the level of water pressure in the skin (known as turgor) improving the efficacy of the skin barrier.

Rose hip oil is also a natural source of trans-retinoic acid (a natural precursor of vitamin A) and acts as a keratolityc which ditches dead cells and speeds skin turnover, as trans-retinoic-acid in prescription drugs but without any of their side effects.

When you apply the balm, you will enjoy a level of skin protection and repair like no other product you have tried:

Protection from the effects of UV rays, environmental hazards, pollution, allergens and microorganisms. The regenerative properties in BIOSKINBALM will reduce the appearance of fine lines, scars, acne, rosacea, skin roughness, stretch marks, rashes, dry skin, eczema, dermatitis, actinic keratosis and keloid scarring.

When you use BIOSKINBALM as your routine skin care regimen, this balm not only beautifies, it can relieve your worst skin care problems.

BIOSKINBALM is the only natural skin care product that is NOT merely a concoction of chemical compounds and pharmaceuticals, but rather uses a substance found in Nature that is created by a living being expressly to moisturize protect and – here’s the important part – regenerate its skin.


BIOSKINBALM is a 100% natural, nourishing and healing, super soothing, hydrating, biological skin treatment balm. Designed to leave skin feeling calmed, balanced, deeply hydrated and velvety soft.

You can order most of our 15 different products from Amazon.com and any and all from Biocutis.com.
Call Us: 1-866-BIO-SKIN or 1-702-947-0567

Biocutis at Amazon.com Biocutis healing natural skin care products
For thousands of years people in Asia, Africa and South America have used extracts from plants, frog skin or snail secretions to promote healing of wounds, burns and skin infections.

Recent advances in medical science have started to unlock the magic of these traditional methods of cure. Discoveries of biologically active peptides and proteins in snail body and mucins (Kubota Y et al., 1985) in frog skin (Zasloff, 1987) and in plants (Broekaert et al., 1995) explain the beneficial effects of these natural treatments. The bioactive peptides are extremely effective against a range of microbes and are therefore named antimicrobial peptides.

Staphylococcus Aureus and other bacteria are present on 90% of eczema cases. Bacteria binds more readily to skin that is inflamed & can make the eczema outbreak worse because of secretions called super-antigens. These allergy-inducing substances activate the immune cells in the skin, causing them to release substances that further increase inflammation. Controlling bacteria on the skin can help control the eczema.

The magic of nature is also part of our own skin defense system

Mammals are born with antimicrobial peptides deployed as an important defense against microbial invasion (Gallo and Nizet, 2003).

The skin is a protective interface between internal organs and the outside environment. It is exposed daily to thousands of potential pathogens, a host of toxins and physical stress. In order to face these challenges, skin epithelium functions as a physical barrier and has an active immunological role in the identification of microbes as well as in the production of cytokines and defense molecules such as antimicrobial peptides.

In atopic dermatitis (AD) inducible endogenous antibiotics such as the antimicrobial peptides cathelicidin and the beta-defensins may show defective function. Eczema herpeticum is a disseminated viral infection almost exclusively diagnosed in AD patients, which is based on unmasking of the viral entry receptor nectin-1, lack of cathelicidin production by keratinocytes, and depletion of Type I IFN-producing plasmacytoid dendritic cells from AD skin. Therapeutic approaches to AD need to include enhancement of impaired innate immunity in addition to moderating of dysfunctional adaptive immunity.

The fact that the snail glycoconjugates contains glycoproteins that kill bacteria and other microorganisms and also naturally induces the expression of endogenous antimicrobial peptides that fight infection has been known for years and scientists have focused on replicating its bioactive molecules (by biosynthesis) in the laboratory.

This is a promising new venue for research, creating effective drugs and patenting them, but bringing a drug to clinical trial is time consuming and expensive. It is estimated that it takes $300 million to bring a drug to market. This cost covers every thing from discovery, identification, synthesis and clinical trials. This process may also take 10 or more years to accomplish.

Discovered by Keen Observation and a Fair Dose of Chance

Fortunately by chance a snail farm in Chile noticed that snail handlers had exceptionally smooth hands, and any cuts, scrapes or abrasions to their hands healed unusually quickly and without scars. By the same time a Doctor in Spain observed that snails secrete mucous when exposed to ionizing radiation (X ray and gamma radiation used for cancer radiotheraphy) and it protects them from degenerative effects.

Their curiosity led them to experiment with the substance on human skin, research on what’s in it and clinical trials. They confirmed the substance yields scar free healing of injuries, cuts, scrapes and restores skin health after bruising caused by cancer radiation treatments and heals skin even after chemical burns.

The formulation of a balm and the experience of thousands of people with skin ailing has allowed us to persevere in making the substance available naturally in the form of a non-prescription topical cream (for application on the skin).

The antibacterial factor of the snail mucus is a glycoprotein whose molecular weight (MW) is about 160,000. Comp Biochem Physiol C. 1985; 82(2):345-8. It kills both gram-positive (Bacillus subtilis and Staphylococcus aureus) and gram-negative bacteria (Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa), but only in their growing states.

Studies of the morphology of bacteria affected by the glycoprotein in the secretions have shown that it lengthens the bodies of Escherichia coli by three to seven times, damages the surface of Staphylococcus aureus and sinks its cytoplasmic membranes into the cytoplasm.

By blocking the microbial pathway to the blood stream, this biological complex allows your immune system to heal the damage in an environment similar to that in which a broken bone heals inside the body, thus avoiding costly scar treatments.

Treatment of Skin Irritations & Skin Infections Without the Pitfalls of Most Products

The balm helps to relieve the symptoms of dryness, irritation, rosacea, acne, dermatitis, and eczema, and prevents infections of the skin without the pitfalls of pharmaceutical antibiotics or the side effects of harsh chemicals commonly found in topical skin products.

Prevents Outbreaks and Ameliorates Symptoms of Rosacea

Heals Dermatitis Caused by Exposure to Ionizing Radiotherapy for Cancer – Radiodermatitis


Apply BIOSKINBALM twice a day and in a few weeks you will see how symptoms diminish, and a dramatic IMPROVEMENT OF THE TEXTURE AND appearance of your skin.

It takes time to restore the damaged skin barrier which prevents environmental factors from entering the skin and it takes time to restore the capacity of the skin to hold in water.

In the meantime you might need to also apply corticosteroids or other medicines to alleviate the itching. BIOSKINBALM is a long term balanced skin treatment that strengthens your skin and normalizes it for proper performance of all its defense and immune functions. And we guarantee it will work for you.

Simply apply BIOSKINBALM gently with your fingertips. Wait ten minutes for the beneficial ingredients in this natural treatment to infuse your skin cells and then apply your makeup as usual. It’s that easy.

BIOSKINBALM is the perfect daily restorative healing, soothing and comforting balm for a blemish-free complexion – even for the most sensitive skin.

Disclaimer: The information provided at this website and our natural skin care products are not an alternative to the advice of a doctor or medical practitioner. Please consult your physician if you have a medical condition.

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The main ingredient in the Biocutis line of products is a complex natural compound that cannot be replicated in even the most sophisticated laboratory on Earth. Because it is a naturally occurring compound and not a man-made substance it cannot be patented. This would only be possible if it were an isolate from a natural substance or a man made ingredient achieved through chemical reactions. Thus, by its very nature no one can claim exclusive rights of use granted by a patent of invention.

Legal Disclaimer

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